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Certified Nursing Assistant and CHHA Certified Home Health Aide CEUs

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About The Owner

Diana Gardner R.N.
As a young woman, my father encouraged me to become a nurse. My mother had been a nurse, since I had lost my mother to breast cancer before I entered school. I later became a nurse as a tribute to my mother's legacy.  I always wanted to help patients who were dying so they would never die alone. I first became a Certified Nursing Assistant, then later a Licensed Vocational Nurse and after losing my husband to Leukemia I became a Registered Nurse.

Since becoming a Registered Nurse I have held many positions including hospice nurse, it was in this health care field that I became aware of the need for education in Board and Care Facilities, RCFE's and Assisted Livings Facilities, that their staff needed training in such subjects as Medication Management, First Aide, CPR and continuing education also in other medical topics that are important as we take care of patients such as knowledge of Blood borne Pathogens, the correct techniques for Lifting and Transferring Patients. I have been able to help many facilities and Care Giving Agencies with their education needs for their CNAS, Home Health Aides, and health care staff since opening Divine Health Education Services.

As the previous Program Director for the CNA program at College of the Desert and later adjunct instructor for the LVN program at COD and other colleges, many of my past and present students have been Certified Nursing Assistants and Certified Home Health Aides, I learned that there was also a great need in this area for Continuing Education Units Courses for CNAS and CHHAS , I opened Divine Health Education Services to provide this service to Certified Nursing Assistants and CHHAS at affordable prices and flexible hours to fit their needs and busy schedules. As my business started to grow I was informed that there was even greater need for CPR and First Aide courses in our area for Assisted Living Facilities, Board and Care Facilities, and Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly. I then expanded my business to help these businesses with their compliance issues by offering the Medication Management, Continuing Education, First Aide and CPR courses.

It is my pleasure as a RN and an educator to continue to bring quality and affordable health education to many different people from all walks of life to help save the injured and sick.

Whether you are an owner of a Board and Care Facility or a RCFE looking for Medication Management and/or First Aide classes or Certified Home Health Aide looking for CEUs or a Care Giving Agency seeking the most up to date courses for your Certified Nurse’s Aides and staff to provide quality care, or a caregiver for a loved one who wants to learn CPR . Divine Health Education Services is here to help fulfill your needs and goals.

Thank You,

Diana Gardner R.N.